Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:

  • Saracino white Top Paste
  • Dekofee silicone working mat extra large
  • Large rolling pin
  • Sharp knife
  • Pizza cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Soft brush
  • Water
  • Cornflour
  • Microwave
  • Smoothers

Step 1

You need 300 – 500 grams Saracino Pasta Top. The amount always depends on the size of your cake and how thick or thin you roll out the sugarpaste.

Step 2

Before you start to work on the Pasta Top, Using a little water moisten the ganache on your cake (in this tutorial I am using a dummy). DO NOT moisten the top! Moistening helps to fix the Pasta Top to the cake when it is covered.

Step 3

Use a sharp knife to cut the amount of fondant you need. You will find the Pasta Top firm at first and this is totally normal as it becomes soft when it is worked.

Step 4

In order to be able to knead the sugarpaste better, I always recommend to heat the fondant for 10 seconds in the microwave (700 watts)

Step 5

After you have warmed up the fondant a little, you will be able to work with it easily. It can now be kneaded without being too firm.

Step 6

It is really important to knead it really well. The kneading will pay off when you come to cover the cake.

Step 7

The kneading and the warmth from your hands will make the fondant soft and very supple.

Step 8

Now you can colour the Pasta Top using your Gel Colour.

Step 9

Work the gel colour into the paste. Blending the colour also helps to make the paste even more pliable.

Step 10

Keep blending and kneading until you get this kind of appearance and the paste is stretchy and soft.

Step 11


Step 12

You can use the fondant immediately but I have found it works really well if you leave the fondant in cling film for 24 hours after colouring. TIP: I only cover my cakes after 24 hours.

Step 13

Put the tape measure over the top of your cake and down each side. This way you can see what diameter of Pasta Top you need to roll out for covering.

Step 14

If required lightly dust your work surface with cornflour to prevent possible sticking

Step 15

Place the Pasta Top on your work surface and roll the fondant out evenly.

Step 16

Keep rolling until you reach the required diameter for the cake

Step 17

Fold the rolled out paste over your rolling pin

Step 18

Place it gently over your cake using a rolling motion.

Step 19

Using a smoother press down lightly on the top to remove any air bubbles and make smooth.

Step 20

Press around the top edge first

Step 21

Gently work the fondant downwards with your hands. Do not over stretch as the paste is very pliable and will smooth out to remove any creases.

Step 22

Use a pizza cutter or a sharp knife remove the excess paste

Step 23

Lift the excess away from the cake carefully

Step 24

Using your smoother start to work around the outside removing any bumps and air bubbles.

Step 25

Using flexible acetate smoothers work the top surface to give a smooth finish.

Step 26

You are now finished to decorate your cake as required

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