You may have noticed on Social Media that recently we have been sharing profiles of our amazing team of Ambassadors. We are proud to have Ambassadors from all over the world and thought you may like to learn a bit more about some of them. If so, please read on….

You may ask why and how we choose our Ambassadors?

One reason is we love working with different artists who all have differing opinions and views of the cake decorating world. People who have various talents, people who have different views on art and present it in various ways. We choose Artists that use Saracino products because they love working with them.

Our team has been built with Artists who love using Saracino products. As individuals they have their own styles and preferences and all enjoy working in differing ways with various materials. We try to provide them with the chance to grow and promote themselves on our ever growing social media to give themselves and Saracino positive publicity.

This post is dedicated to some of our team. Artists who regularly blow us and you away with their talent, people you follow daily, Artists you learn from, and, people that are proving that almost everything is possible if you really want it. Hard work and dedication always leads to results and this group of Ambassadors are a perfect example of it.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you once again. We have a team of world class Artists whom we are immensely proud of.

This blog is about our UK Team that currently consists of 12 Ambassadors. They all possess differing skills that hopefully demonstrates the versatility of the products available in the Saracino range. We are also finding that using our products these Artists are branching out to learn new skills as new products become available. Such as flower making, modelling, wafer paper work and sculpting.

So here goes! Let us introduce you to our UK team. Trumpet fanfare please……….

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Anjali Tambde aka Global Cake Toppers

Anjali joined us in 2017.

Anjali Tambde is a multi award winning cake artist who won Best in Show and several other Gold awards at Cake International and the Irish Sugarcraft Show. She is also one of the few artists whose tutorials regularly featured in Cake International and currently in various other Magazines. Her award-winning fantasy flower techniques have featured in many international magazines and have been immensely popular.

Anjali came to our attention with beautiful toppers created using Saracino Modelling Paste. Within a few years she has expanded to create beautiful fantasy flowers using Saracino Top Paste. Anjali is also a teacher. We had the privilege to welcome Anjali to our stand at the Cake International Show In Birmingham for the last 2 years where she ran mini classes that quickly sold out.

Anjali has also recently become a Cake International Judge. A high achievement indeed!

Calli Hopper aka Calli Creations

Calli joined the Saracino team in 2017.

Calli has been cake decorating since 2010 and is hugely passionate with her art.

In that time she has won many awards at shows and has been featured in several magazines globally. Her highlight is the prestigious Cake Masters “Cake Artist of The Year 2015”.

Calli stole our hearts when we saw her love to Saracino and using all our products. Calli is a world leader when it comes to hand painting cakes and flowers. A true Artist.

Cassie Brown aka Cassie Brown

Cassie joined Saracino family this year.

Her love of Saracino started using our Flower Paste. She started cake decorating just aged 13 and won her first award just aged 14, she has been hooked on cake decorating ever since.

After running a successful wedding cake business and winning several “Best in Shows” she started to teach. Cassie is also a Senior Cake International Judge. At the moment Cassie’s focus is on YouTube and giving more talks and workshops worldwide to share her love of our product and promote her amazing skills.

Oh and we should also add that Cassie is a successful published Author of beautiful books.

Gareth Davies aka Let The See Cake

Gareth joined our team this year.

Gareth is the owner of LetThemSeeCake and is a multi award winning Sugarcraft Artist.

His love of Saracino started when he used Modelling Paste for the first time. Since then he has not looked back. Gareth successfully runs classes where he passes on his passion and enthusiasm to cake designing. His whimsical work has brought him many awards including winning five Gold Awards and one Bronze at Cake International in London and Birmingham.

Lynsey Wilton-Eddleston aka Sugarwhizz

Lynsey joined our family in 2017.

Lynsey is the creator of Sugarwhizz.

She is a multi award winning cake artist from St Helens, England. A self taught creator of Sugarwhizziness who discovered the world of cake art purely by chance back in 2010. Lynsey has been introduced to Saracino products in 2017 and since then never looked back.

Lynsey regularly creates amazing tutorials that are available on her website. She is also very proud to have been asked to be a trainee judge for Cake International.

Melanie Williamson aka The Custom Cakery

Melanie joined Saracino at the beginning of this year.

Melanie has been working with cakes for 6 years. Mostly self-taught she began making cakes for her own children and gradually her passion lead to her business, The Custom Cakery, being formed.

Specialising mostly in fun celebration cakes she also enjoys teaching classes from her studio in Doncaster. Her love of Saracino products started a few years back. Melanie creates beautiful models but has also recently started her adventure with hand painting cakes using Saracino Cocoa Butter and Saracino Powder Colours.

Sarah Bray aka Daisy Cakes

Sarah joined us this year.

Sarah enjoyed cake decorating for a number of years and has been running Daisy Cakes since 2012 making novelty cakes and cupcakes.

She has entered many competitions in the cupcake and miniature wedding cake category winning a number of golds, silvers and being placed several times. She was also a finalist in the 2018 Cake Master Awards in the cupcake category. Her miniature creations are the sweetest art you can imagine. Everything is incredibly tiny and cute. Sarah loves to use Saracino products such as Modelling Paste, Gel and Powder Colours that help her make the impossible possible.

Vicky Teather aka Yellow Bee Cake Co

Joined our family in 2017.

Vicky aka Yellow Bee Cake Company, is an award winning cake artist. She spends the majority of her time creating tutorials and teaching sugarcraft classes at her home in Basingstoke, Hampshire. She is a multi award winning artist creating models and sculpting.

Her work is eye catching and very cute. Vicky believes in Saracino products and proudly uses them to create her pieces.

Zee Chik aka Zee Chik Designs

Zee joined us back in 2017.

Zee is a multi award winning cake artist and innovative sugarcraft equipment designer. She creates lots of free tutorials that are available on YouTube so make sure you follow her channel. Zee is also an inventor of various cake tools that can make your life easier. Zee loves the wide variety of Saracino products. Her strengths are modelling and flowers. As a qualified Architect she has a real eye for detail.

Zlatina Lewis aka ZL Cake Boutique

Zlatina joined the Saracino team beginning of this year.

Cake decorating started in 2010 as a hobby for Zlatina but had been the love of her life since childhood when she baked her first cake at the age of 7. She is a multi award winning artist having won many gold medals. Since 2013 Zlatina has been running various classes teaching modelling, flowers and covering cakes. She uses a wide variety of Saracino products and proudly shares this love with her students.

Zoe Smith aka Bluebird-cakes 

Zoe joined us this year.

Zoe started cake decorating ten years ago making cakes for her two daughters. She now creates tutorials for Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft magazine, and has started to teach students from her cake studio.

Zoe is a true Instagram star with 670K followers which she uses to feed her interest in fairy tales and animation and find inspiration for her Sugarcraft figures. Her love of Saracino products started a few years ago.

Well that is our UK team.

You will have noticed they are a team of artists with various talents and skills. People that believe in Saracino products as much as we do. We are very proud to have this group of talented people in our family.

We asked our Ambassadors how they see their role of being a Saracino Ambassador. This is a sample of some of the comments we had back –

A Saracino Ambassador is someone who loves the product and wants to share that and convince others to use it”. – Vicky

Apart from the honour of being part of such an awesome team of talented people, it’s the chance to share how great the products are and what a difference they make to your creations” – Zoe Smith

I think it’s about showing others what fantastic products they are and helping encourage people to try them out too. After all it’s easy to promote a product that you use all the time and actually sells itself. Oh and one more thing, like Zoe said being part of such a ridiculously talented team is a real privilege” – Sarah Bray

It’s about showcasing Saracino products but also encouraging people to enjoy their creativity, to support their endeavours, whatever their skill level. I’ve loved Saracino since hosting Barbara here for a class a few years ago so to be able to endorse something with integrity and honesty was really important to me. Saracino makes my job as a cake decorator much easier and I want to share that far and wide” – Melanie Williamson

Saracino gives me an opportunity to explore so many areas of cake decorating that I never felt confident to try before. Love the products and their versatility, and of course being among such inspiring talented artists.” – Calli Hopper

“To be an ambassador you have to believe in something completely. Not just the incredible products but the amazing people behind the products, the people you work closest with and the team as a whole. I believe completely in our Saracino family. So it’s an absolute honour being able to share my skills and knowledge with people who love our products as much as we do. I am inspired each and every day seeing what magic people can achieve with Saracino, I never stop learning. It’s a privilege to be an ambassador for a company I adore!” – Lynsey Wilton-Eddleston

“Love Saracino’s products! I have been using them since 2014 and the quality has never failed.. Just as Cali mentioned, the top quality and versatility gives me so much confidence when exploring new feelds and most of all when working with my students. I promote the products and the company with pride.. and being in a team with the most talented decorators is a privilege” – Zlatina Lewis

Please make sure you check the pages and profiles our incredibly talented team and follow their work.

You will soon be able to meet them in person at the next Cake International Show in Birmingham where they will be running free demonstrations at the Saracino Stand. So come along and join us.

We believe in our Artists and we believe that with Saracino everything is possible.

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