PASTA MODEL – gum paste designed for modelling 


It is a READY TO USE product so NO need to add CMC to create your piece.

When you unwrap the paste it will be very firm,

Don’t worry as this is how it is supposed to be!

Simply cut off a small piece and knead it in your hands. Your hands warmth will make the paste workable and stretchy.

Saracino Pasta Model, the winner of the ‘Best Product’ Cake Master Award in 2017, is the ideal fondant for modelling and creating 3D images.

The perfect balance of sugars and cocoa butter ensures perfect results in most climates and gives a brilliant effect to every occasion. Once you try this product, you just won’t be able to resist Pasta Model for making your decorations. Our modelling paste is extremely elastic and strong. It can be modelled without cracking. When worked it maintains its form and you can work on the project for hours. You can also blend the joints beautifully by simply smoothing the surface with your fingers or modelling tool.

It can be finely moulded which assists with delicate work such as laces, moulds and small flowers. It also has a subtle aroma and taste.

Saracino Pasta Model currently comes in 15 different colours: white (available in 5kg, 1kg and 250g packs) and orange, blue, light blue, skin tone, yellow, Tiffany, light green, green, fuchsia, brown, black, pink, red and violet (available in 1kg and 250g packs). This means there is plenty for you to choose from. Pasta Model is also easily coloured with gel and powder colours of your choice.


If you have not tried this product yet, it is the way to go. We promise you will not go back.

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