Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:

  • Saracino Raspberry Supreme Concentrated Food Flavouring

  • Saracino Pistacchio Supreme Concentrated Food Flavouring

  • Saracino Vanilla Bourbon Supreme Food Flavouring

  • Saracino Chocolate Drops WHITE

  • Saracino Cake Gel Glue

  • Saracino CMC Powder

  • Saracino Pasta Top White

  • Saracino Concentrated Gel Colour Green, Red, Brown, Yellow and Black

  • Saracino Push Pump Glitter Dust Red

  • Saracino Powder Food Colouring Brown, Pink and Yellow

  • Modelling tools

  • Set of round cutters

  • Cocktail sticks or uncooked spaghetti

  • Soft brushes

  • Fondant knife

  • Smoother

  • Steel spatula

  • Ruler

  • Raspberry cake – Pistachio cake and vanilla cake (your favourite cake recipe)

  • Buttercream 

  • Template for the face, nose, eyes and cheeks. To download simply click on the picture 

Step 1

Create a ganache by melting your white chocolate drops


Step 2

Make buttercream and flavour with Pistachio flavouring and add pieces of chopped up Pistachio

Step 3

Make raspberry jelly and flavour with Raspberry food flavouring. We mix with unflavoured gelatine to set. Allow to set in a cake tin the same size as your sponges.

Step 4

Bake 3 cakes. Raspberry, pistacchio and vanilla using Saracino colorings and flavorings

Step 5

You will need to cut the three sponges with a flat back and front. We will use a template. See the next picture.

Step 6

You can use a piece of cardboard or a cut cake board as a template. You will need a template approximately 11 x 24cm. Cut each sponge to size.

Step 7

Put pistachio cream in a piping bag and remove the set raspberry jelly from the cake tin

Step 8

Pipe the Pistachio cream onto the top of the bottom sponge. Then add the jelly. Trim to the size of the sponge below.

Step 9

The jelly is only in the bottom layer. Fill the other layer with buttercream. Your three sponges should be layered as shown.

Step 10

To stop the layered sponges from moving when carving, insert two wooden skewers through to the base. Place the bag template against the front of the cake and carve the sides of the bag. You can download the bag shape template HERE

Step 11

Trim and remove any excess sponge to achieve the right design

Step 12

Ganache the cake using the Saracino melted white chocolate drops

Step 13

Colour the fondant brown, black, red, pink and green. You will need enough brown to cover the cake, red for the nose and green for a bow, pink for cheeks and black and white for the eyes. 

Step 14

To achieve a chestnut brown colour mix a little yellow colouring into the brown.

Step 15

To make a handle mix a little bit of brown fondant with CMC

Step 16

Roll out the fondant to make the handle

Step 17

Cut a strip 2.5 x 25cm long

Step 18

Allow to dry on a curved surface

Step 19

Make an oval shaped nose using red fondant 

Step 20

Spray the nose with red Push pump glitter and let it dry

Step 21

Divide 50 grams of green fondant and make two tear drop shapes for the bow.

Step 22

Cut ends

Step 23

Make each tear drop into a heart shape by cutting out a groove at the wide end of each one. Smooth the edges. Connect the pieces using a little glue or water

Step 24

Using green paste roll a small sausage shape. Cover the joint. 

Step 25

Attach it to the bow. Paint the bow with green edible glitter

Step 26

To cover the top and sides of the cake cut out a long rectangle of the brown paste (width must be the same as your cake or slightly larger)

Step 27

Cover the top of the cake and trim the excess

Step 28

Roll out more brown paste. 

Step 29

Using your template cut out the front of the bag. You will need two of these shapes to cover the back and the front

Step 30

Attach to the front and the back of the cake. They should be slightly larger than the cake itself

Step 31

For eyes roll out two equal balls

Step 32

Roll them flat.

Step 33

Roll out two balls of black modelling paste (smaller than white) and fix to the white paste

Step 34

Using round cutter cut off the ends of both eyes

Step 35

Add some white dots and lines to give it nice effect and a bit of expression 

Step 36

So they look like this or similar.

Step 37

Fix the red nose to the middle of the cake and attach both eyes. Using a little glue.

Step 38

Using white fondant roll out a long sausage

Step 39

This is to create a snow effect. You may wish to practise the design on your template before fixing to the cake.

Step 40

Attach to the cake using a small amount of cake gel

Step 41

For lips roll out a long and thin sausage using black fondant 

Step 42

Fix to the cake to give the bag a nice smile 

Step 43

For cheeks, roll out two balls using pink fondant. Form them into a teardrop shape

Step 44

Form into a heart shape.

Step 45

Using cake Gel fix to the cake at both ends of the mouth as shown on the next picture

Step 46

For the handle roll two balls out of brown fondant and roll to small sausages

Step 47

Measure the width of the handle you prepared earlier and attach two sausages to the top of the cake keeping the same width as the handle.

Step 48

Fix the handle to the cake

Step 49

Attach the bow.

Step 50

Prepare pink dust. Mix brown and yellow dust.

Step 51

Add a small amount of orange powder to the brown and yellow.

Step 52

Your powder colour is ready to dust the cake using a soft brush. Always make sure you remove excess powder from your brush on a piece of kitchen paper prior to dusting the cake. 

Step 53

Dust the edges of the cake

Step 54

Using pink powder, dust the cheeks 

Step 55

Using white fondant add two little dots on both sides. Your cute gingerbread bag is ready to be served!

Step 56

You can go wild with your imagination and create all sort of Christmas bags!

Step 57

Merry Christmas!

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