Skill level: BEGINNERS


To achieve the light pink colour I add a drop of pink gel colour (actually half drop because it needs a really small quantity) to the skin tone modelling paste.
To achieve the brick colour I add a bit of white sugar paste to the brown, then I put a drop of red gel colour and a drop of orange (the proportion depends if you want a colour tending to the red or to the orange)

You will need:

  • Rolling pin

  • Scalpel or sharp knife

  • Dresden tool 

  • Small ball tool

  • Large ball tool

  • Pointed silicone tool

  • Number 5 Piping Tip

  • Wood skewer

  • Straw

  • Soft brushes (large and small)

  • Small paintbrushes (flat and pointed)

  • Easy Eyes – princess set

  • 82/85g light pink Saracino modelling paste

  • 35g skin tone Saracino modelling paste

  • 20g red Saracino modelling paste

  •  small amount of white, light blue and black Saracino modelling paste

  • Water or edible glue

Step 1

For the body roll 30g of pink paste into a shape with one end narrower than the other

Step 2

Flatten the smaller side

Step 3

To form the chest area make a groove using the Dresden tool

Step 4

Tapering the waist and the knee

Step 5

Thread the wooden skewer through the body into the dummy below and leave a length projecting from the top.                                                                            

Step 6

Make some straight marks on the bottom of the dress first using the Dresden tool then the back of the scalpel

Step 7

For more pleats on the dress roll 5 long cones (using about 9g of pink paste for each one) and bend them on the pointed side

Step 8

Stick all of them starting from the hips and finishing at the back

Step 9

Create both puffs and arm sleeves using 7g of pink paste in total

Step 10

Stick first the upper sleeves

Step 11

Then place the arms on the dress

Step 12

Cut out a diamond shape on the centre of the chest, remove the paste inside and flatten the inside using a small ball tool

Step 13

Place a piece of skin tone paste inside the hole, flatten it and mark a small cleavage. Smooth the edges to form a nice shape.

Step 14

To create a neck fix a small piece of skin tone paste around the wooden skewer

Step 15

Cut out a small strip for a collar and taper each end.

Step 16

Attack it around the neck

Step 17

For the hands roll a very small piece of skin tone paste into a sausage shape (0.5mm diameter). Cut in half diagonally, flatten the palm area, create the wrist by rolling gently, cut to form the thumbs 

Step 18

Place the hands to the arms on top of each other

Step 19

Roll an oval shape as smooth as possible using 35g of skin tone paste. Roll the little finger (or the handle of a tool if your fingers are too large) in the middle of the oval, from side to side

Step 20

Round-off the corner of the upper side to model the forehead

Step 21

Push your fingers either side of the nose area to form the nose.

Step 22

Use a big ball tool to define the eye socket.

Step 23

Go on shaping the point of the nose using the handle of a tool or the Dresden .

Step 24

Put the Easy Eyes tool right in the middle of the nose.

Step 25

Push it gently.

Step 26

Define the eyebrows using the Dresden tool

Step 27

Adjust all the borders

Step 28

Cut a smile

Step 29

Remove the paste from inside the mouth

Step 30

Replace with a small quantity of white paste

Step 31

Smooth the upper lip

Step 32

Define the lower lip

Step 33

Mark edges of the mouth

Step 34

Form the teeth with a sharp knife

Step 35

Cut the excess paste from the chin

Step 36

Shape the head with the fingers. Pay attention to round off and smooth all the straight sides and edges

Step 37

Put a piece of paste on the top of the head

Step 38

Paint the eyes first using the white gel color

Step 39

Paint the eyebrows

Step 40

Cut out two small light blue circles using a straw  and stick them on the eyes

Step 41

Cut out  two black pupils using a no. 5 piping nozzle

Step 42

Create the eyelashes using a very small roll of black paste, paint some more eyelashes just on the outside of the eyes. Paint with a light blue gel colour the outline of the iris

Step 43

Dust the lips and the face using a pink powder colour and a soft brush. Add definition / highlights

Step 44

Cut out several strips of different sizes, wavy on one edge and straight on the other.

Step 45

Cut the timber skewer to the correct length and push the head gently to the body. Stick the hair starting from the front to the back

Step 46

The aim is to form the hair so it looks like a rose on the back of her head.

Your bride is now ready