Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:

  • A cake covered with buttercream on a cake drum
  • 3 pastry bags with buttercream white, pink and light green
  • 2 russian piping nozzles and one piping nozzle to make leaves
  • Saracino white modelling paste
  • Small Rolling pin
  • Baby shoe cutter set
  • Brush
  • Edible glue
  • Saracino brown colouring powder
  • Small scissors
  • Saracino pink colouring powder
  • 2 black sugar pearls
  • Dresden tool
  • Gold edible paint

Step 1

Take one piping bag with a russian piping nozzle and pipe some buttercream flowers to the side of the cake. Your buttercream will need to be a firm mix.

Step 2

Cover your cake up to the middle and pipe more flowers on just one area. You can pipe using two colours of buttercream; to do this take a piping bag, put the white buttercream on the walls of the bag and then, the pink buttercream in the center.

Step 3

Take the buttercream piping bag with the leaf nozzle and make some leaves around the cake between the flowers.

Step 4

To make the baby booties, we are going to use the Saracino white modelling paste. Knead a piece of paste to make it workable.

Step 5

Roll out the paste with a rolling pin thin enough to cut the pieces.

Tip: If required use cornstarch on the table to avoid the paste sticking.

Step 6

Cut out the baby bootie pieces. We are making two booties so you will need to cut out two of each piece.

Step 7

Allow to dry for a few minutes; that way we will get better shape when forming the booties

Step 8

Using edible glue apply to the front area.

Step 9

Fix the front piece of the bootie, form a curve in the piece to create the shape of the front of the bootie.

Tip: If required you can fill with tissue or sponge to keep the shape.

Step 10

Set aside to dry for a few minutes.

Step 11

Put a little bit edible glue on the sides of the shoe.

Step 12

Brush some edible glue on the edge of the sole and on the sides of the front piece of the bootie, place the back piece in position and press it so it fixes well.

Step 13

Take a piece of paste and colour it with edible brown colouring powder

Step 14

Take a ball of the brown paste and form a slightly elongated shape. This will be the body of the teddy bear.

Step 15

Put the teddy bear body into the bootie and check that it fits. There should not be too much space around.

Step 16

With the tip of small scissors, we texture the entire body of the teddy bear.

Step 17

Put a little edible glue in the sole of the bootie and the fix the body of the teddy bear into the bootie.

Step 18

Roll 2 small sausages, which will be the arms of the teddy bear. Set aside for later.

Step 19

Take a piece of paste and colour it with edible pink powder.

Step 20

Roll out to form a lace with the piece of pink paste.

Step 21

Pass the lace through the eyelets of the boot.

Step 22

Stick the arms on the body and texture the same way we did before

Step 23

Now we are going to make the ears. To do this, make 2 small balls with the brown paste.

Step 24

Then repeat this with 2 smaller balls of pink paste.

Step 25

Gently flatten all the balls we have made and glue each pink ball onto each brown ball.

Make a ball to form the head and a small cylinder for the mouth area. Use 2 black sugar pearls for the eyes.

Step 26

Glue the mouth area onto the head.

Step 27

Put some edible glue in the area of the ears and glue them in place.

Step 28

Make a small ball with brown paste to make the nose.

Step 29

Make 2 small holes where we will place the sugar pearls for the eyes, put a little edible glue and stick them.

Step 30

Mark with a dresden tool the smile of the teddy bear.

Step 31

Texturize the whole head.

Step 32

Stick your head on the piece that we have already made.

Step 33

Make a body for another teddy bear, which we will place inside the other bootie. In this case, the bear will go “upside down”

Step 34

For this teddy bear we only need to make 2 legs and a tail.

Step 35

Stick the legs and tail in place, so that it seems that the teddy bear got into the bootie head first, and texturise as the other items.

Step 36

We make some small balls with pink paste to form the bear’s footprint

Step 37

With a little gold paint colour the edge of the cake.

Step 38

We can also give a golden touch on buttercream flowers.

Step 39

Place the booties on the cake.

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