Skill level: BEGINNERS


Tina recommends drying the parts before attaching them to each other. The body especially should dry a couple of hours before you place the head so that it can support the head. Also, if you pre-make the hole where the stick will go in, it helps with drying out the centre of the body faster.

You will need:

  • Saracino model paste 300g (Light blue)
  • White, black and dark blue model paste for eyes
  • Flower former or soft foam for drying the head
  • Ball tool
  • Dresden tool
  • Exacto knife

Step 1

Take a ball of the light blue paste and form into the shape of the body.

Step 2

Cut the top of the body to get a flat surface.

Step 3

For the head, take a Styrofoam ball and insert a wooden stick (to go into the body as support). You could make the entire head with model paste but since it is much bigger than the body, you need to ensure enough drying time for the body to support the weight of the head.

Step 4

Cover the ball with the blue paste.

Step 5

Shape the cheeks using your finger to go from one side to the other.

Step 6

Place the head on the body.

Step 7

Take 2 tear drops for the hair.

Step 8

Merge the seams using your Dresden tool. You could even use a touch of water.

Step 9

Place on the head and merge the seams again.

Step 10

Shape the paste to form the trunk.

Step 11

Using your ball tool shape the tip of the trunk.

Step 12

Using the Dresden tool, make a few deep ridges.

Step 13

Fix the trunk on the head as shown in the picture. It helps if the trunk is dry. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to dry it completely, you could even add a wire into the trunk that would go into the head as a support.

Step 14

Merge the seams.

Step 15

Using the Dresden tool, make a smile right under the trunk 😊

Step 16

Like so!

Step 17

Make a small sausage shape and cut it into half.

Step 18

Stick it on to the baby elephant to form the back legs, making sure that the flat side is at the bottom.

Step 19

Again, make a sausage (bigger than the first time) and cut into half.

Step 20

Form the front legs coming down from the shoulder.

Step 21

Using just a tiny bit of paste form a thin long sausage and press down on one side to form the tail.

Step 22

Using the Dresden tool mark the tip to form the hair.

Step 23

Stick it onto the baby elephant.

Step 24

Using the ball tool Make 2 holes for the eyes.

Step 25

Fill it with white paste. Using a slightly smaller ball tool, do the same again.

Step 26

Using the ball tool make a little dip just above the white of the eye to form lids.

Step 27

Add blue and black paste to form the iris and pupil.

Step 28

Shape the ears. Add another layer that is slightly smaller than the base in a lighter colour.

Step 29

Attach the ears to the head.

Step 30

Paint the eyelashes, eyebrows and toes. Baby elephant is ready!

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