Author: Mary Presicci

Skill level: BEGINNERS 

You will need:

  • Light blue Pasta Model (140g)
  • Skin tone Pasta Model (85g)
  • Green Pasta Model (120g)
  • Red Pasta Model (90g)
  • Blue Pasta Model (5g)
  • White Pasta Model (5g)
  • Flower wire
  • Saracino skin powder colour
  • Scalpel
  • Modelling tools
  • Brushes in various sizes
  • Wooden skewers
  • Wire cutter
  • Saracino edible glue

Step 1

These are all the tools you will need to create this playful cupid

Step 2

Use your light blue paste to create a ‘pillow’ shape with rounded edges.

Step 3

Using your fingers press each side to flatten the ends like shown

Step 4

Using your sharp knife cut each end in half.

Step 5

Now use your fingers to model the shape of the character you want. Remember to smooth all the sharp edges to create the legs and arms.

Step 6

Using a dummy as a base model the Cupid’s arm and leg into shape.

Step 7

Use your Dresden tool to mark out the shape of the nappy / pants.

Step 8

Use your ball tool to create dents in the wrists. Now use the Dresden tool to form detail and creases to the tummy, arms and legs.

Step 9

Using 80g of your skin tone paste roll an oval shape with your hands to create the head.

Step 10

Roll your finger across the centre to create the top of the head and the nose / mouth area.

Step 11

Using your fingers gently pinch the paste to create a nose.

Step 12

Use your small ball tool to create a dent either side of the mouth by pressing gently.

Step 13

Use your fingers to roll out a neck by rolling carefully. Then use your Dresden tool to mark the mouth.

Step 14

Use your Dresden tool to mark the left eye giving a cheeky wink! Mark a couple of lines to add character.

Step 15

Using the other end of your Dresden tool model the right eye.

Step 16

Use the blunt end of your Dresden tool to create the round eye pressing in at the sides.

Step 17

Use your scalpel to remove some of the paste from the eye.


Step 18

Roll a small ball of white modelling paste and insert into the eye socket.

Step 19

Using skin tone paste roll two small balls to create the ears and attach them to the head by pressing using a ball tool

Step 20

Use some black model paste to create the pupil, the eyebrow and some locks of hair

Step 21

Roll two small balls of skin tone paste for your hands. 

Step 22

Flatten each ball slightly. Use your knife to cut the thumbs. Round off and blend using your fingers and Dresden tool. 

Step 23

Roll your green modelling paste thinly. Cut out four 4cm x 4cm squares. 

Step 24

Roll out your blue paste thinly. Using letter cutters create the letters L O V E.

Step 25

Form a 4cm x 4cm cube from your green paste. With the squares you previously prepared press in the L O V E letter’s. 

Step 26

For the heart shape roll a small ball using red modelling paste.

Step 27

Use your fingers to roll it into a teardrop shape.

Step 28

Finish the heart using your Dresden tool. 


Step 29

Repeat this in different sizes to suit the amount of hearts you need for your piece.


Step 30

Using a little water fix the L O V to the side of your cake. Then position the E on the cube on your board so it reads L O V E. 


Step 31

Fix the cupid to the top of the cake. Use a little glue if required. You can start fixing the hearts where you would like them as well. 

Step 32

Fix the hands using a little water. Now insert a wooden skewer / cocktail stick into the neck ready for the head.

Step 33

Press the head onto the body at a cute angle. Use your Dresden tool to mark the lines on your cake. 


Step 34

Now for the wings of our cupid. Roll out some of your white paste.


Step 35

Use your heart shaped cutter to cut out the two wings. You can choose the size you need!


Step 36

Cut two short lengths of your florist wire. Insert them into each heart wing. 


Step 37

Insert the wings into Cupid’s back in the required position. 


Step 38

Make a small heart with a length of florist wire. Place into the left hand as shown. Now fix your love hearts wherever you like on the cake to give the look you would like. 


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