Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:

  • Saracino modelling paste : yellow, black, white, brown
  • Saracino powder colours: green, black, white, pink
  • Saracino wafer paper 0.27 mm
  • 24 and 22 gauge flower wire
  • Dresden tool
  • Small ball tool
  • Skewers and toothpicks
  • Roller
  • Cake dummy
  • Water and clear alcohol

Step 1

Depending on the size of model you need take an amount of yellow modelling paste and divide in half. One half leave for the head. The other half divide in half. Keep half for the torso. Divide the remainder into four for the arms and legs. Roll into smooth balls.

Step 2

Take two of the balls prepared for the legs. Roll using your fingers to form two tapered sausage shapes.

Step 3

Using finger pressure roll gently to define the ankles and form the feet.

Step 4

Using your fingers shape the large end to create the foot shape on each

Step 5

Push wooden skewers through each leg.


Step 6

Place legs on the dummy and cut the skewers to length.

Step 7

Take the ball prepared for the torso and roll to form an egg shape.

Step 8

Place the torso onto the shortened skewers.

Step 9

Roll out your black paste thinly and cut out thin black strips.

Step 10

Stick black strips around the torso (using a tiny amount of water if required) 

Step 11

Now take the two balls prepared for the arms. Roll them out with your fingers to a tapered shape. 

Step 12

Using gentle finger pressure roll at the wrist to form hands.

Step 13

Flatten palm of the hand with your pointing finger

Step 14

Cut thumbs using a triangle shape and then roll into thumb shape.

Step 15

Cut the fingers and gently shape them.

Step 16

Stick one arm to the shoulder with the hand in the front of the figure and the other with the hand on the back

Step 17

Take the head part of the paste and roll to an egg shape. Using your small ball tool make eye sockets – one is to be smaller than the other.

Step 18

Take a small amount of the white paste. roll into a ball and then place it into the eye sockets. Using your Dresden tool form a line beneath the left eye to add character.

Step 19

Dilute green Saracino powder colour with clear alcohol. Using a fine paint brush paint the iris.

Step 20

Dilute Saracino black powder colour with clear alcohol. Using your fine brush paint the pupil, eyelashes and brows.

Step 21

Take a small amount of yellow paste and blend onto the face to form a small cute nose.

Step 22

Using the sharp end of the Dresden tool shape the mouth.

Step 23

Dilute white Saracino powder with clear alcohol. Using a fine brush paint the teeth.

Step 24

Using your Dresden tool (spoon part) define the lower lip.

Step 25

Using a very small ball tool make the corners of the mouth.

Step 26

Insert a toothpick into the torso and fix the head in the right position.

Step 27

Now for the hair take a small amount of the brown paste and roll to make three tear drop shapes.

Step 28

Glue the teardrop shapes on the head to make the hair. Cut short lengths of the 22 gauge flower wire. Roll out very small balls of the yellow paste and push to the top of the wire to make antennae’s. Place them on the head of the bee.

Step 29

Using pink Saracino powder colour and a soft brush lightly dust the cheeks.

Step 30

For the flower stalk cut a small length of 20 gauge flower wire. Roll a small ball of yellow paste and fix the the end of the wire. Use your Dresden tool to add a fine texture to the ball.

Step 31

Roll out fuchsia paste thinly and cut two small flowers using a flower cutter.

Step 32

Thread the flowers onto the flower wire.

Step 33

Make the bee look like it holding the flower by inserting the end of the wire into the hand.

Step 34

Cut two small wings from Saracino wafer paper.

Step 35

Glue the wings to the back of the figure using a small amount of water.