Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:

  • Saracino Model Paste white
  • Saracino Pasta Scultura
  • Saracino powder colors Brown, Yellow, Orange, White and Black
  • Saracino Liquid Shiny
  • Ball tool
  • Dresden tool
  • Modelling tool
  • Paintbrush
  • Exacto knife
  • Clear alcohol
  • Cocktail sticks or spaghetti

Step 1

Take a ball of Pasta Scultura  and form into the shape of the body

Step 2

Make a hair texture to the body with the Dresden tool. Work from the neck down to the bottom

Step 3

Roll a piece of Pasta Scultura into a length of 4 cm

Step 4

With your finger form a narrower section to the front leg.

Step 5

Make two notches on the foot with the Dresden tool.

Step 6

Using the Dresden tool form the hair texture on the leg.

Step 7

Attach the legs to the body

Step 8

Form a hind leg from a ball of Pasta Scultura

Step 9

Shape the hind leg with the finger and make a heel

Step 10

Make the notches for the toes with the dresden tool

Step 11

Use your Dresden tool to form a fur texture to the rear legs.

Step 12

Attach the hind legs to the body

Step 13

Form a roll of Pasta Scultura 5cm long and 1.5cm thick. This is for the tail.

Step 14

Model the roll into an elongated drop

Step 15

Apply fur texture to the tail using your Dresden tool.

Step 16

Attach the tail to the body

Step 17

Shape a ball of Pasta Scultura for the head.

Step 18

Using your finger press the ball slightly flatter on both sides and form a small snout.

Step 19

Using your ball tool form two holes for the eyes.

Step 20

Shape the mouth with the Dresden tool

Step 21

Make the nostrils with the tip of the dresden tool

Step 22

Make a border around the nose

Step 23

Using Pasta Model make two small balls of about 8mm diameter. These are for the eyes

Step 24

Fix the eyes into the eye sockets and apply fur texture to the face.

Step 25

Attach the head to the body

Step 26

Cut a ball of pasta scultura in half for the ears

Step 27

Form two triangles for the ears.

Step 28

Shape a rim to the ear and form fur structure to the ear with the Dresden tool. Attach the ears to the head.

Step 29

Mix yellow Saracino powder with alcohol and paint the eye very light yellow. Mix brown saracino powder with alcohol and make a brown edge around the eyes. Finally make the pupil with black Saracino powder

Step 30

Mix orange and brown Saracino powder with alcohol and paint the body. Avoid the belly, ends of the legs and the chin.

Step 31

Mix brown and black Saracino powder with alcohol and paint the ends of the legs dark brown

Step 32

Mix white Saracino powder with alcohol and paint the belly and the end of the tail white.

Tip: Let the edges of the colors merge slightly


Step 33

Using a small piece of Pasta Model place a white dot on both eyes

Step 34

Finish the eyes and nose with Saracino Liquid Shiny to give a glazed effect.

Tip: For extra strength in the attachment of the head, legs and tail, you can use cocktail sticks or spaghetti.

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