Skill level: BEGINNERS


Always look at the picture of the figurine you want to make. Pay attention to details such as bows, neckless or hair style. To make correct proportions adjust paste to the printed picture.

You will need:

  • Dresden tool
  • Large ball tool
  • Small ball tool
  • Rolling pin
  • Small brush
  • Large brush
  • Exact knife
  • Skewers
  • Scales silicone mould
  • Clear alcohol
  • Edible glue or water
  • Dummy
  • Saracino modelling paste: skin tone, tiffany, fuchsia, pink, white, black
  • Saracino dust colours: brown, black, blue, pink, white

Step 1

Prepare about 70 grams of skin tone modelling paste and mix it with small amount of brown dust color for darker shade. Adjust the amount required to suit the model you have chosen.

Step 2

Print photo of the figurine you want to make.

Step 3

Divide coloured paste for each part of the body and adjust to the picture to make correct proportions

Step 4

Take the leg part and roll it to small roller shape. Cut in a half.

Step 5

Give both parts carrot shape.


Step 6

Use small finger to shape ankle and bend it to make the foot.

Step 7

Use small amount of skin tone paste to make sole of the shoe.

Step 8

Take the wooden skewers and push through the legs. Place them on the dummy.

Step 9

Roll and cut strips from tiffany modeling paste to make shoes.

Step 10

Take another part of the paste for the belly and give it pear shape. Set aside for a moment

Step 11

Take small amount of fuchsia paste. Roll it and cut two small leafs. Using a sharp edge form veins on each leaf.

Step 12

Using rolled pink paste print the scaled pattern onto the skirt.

Step 13

Use a skewer through the body. Using edible glue or a small amount of water stick the mermaid tail and the skirt to the body. Add small bows to the shoes.

Step 14

Roll Tiffany paste. Cut out a shell shaped bra. Fix to the body.

Step 15

Roll two arm shapes. Using your small finger mark wrists.

Step 16

Use ball tool to flatten palm.

Step 17

Cut thumb and using blunt side of the knife mark fingers.

Step 18

Attach one arm to the body using glue or small amount of water. Leave the other arm to one side until required.

Step 19

Take printed picture and adjust the head shape to it.

Step 20

Choose the right size of ball tool to make the eye sockets.

Step 21

Make eyes sockets. Look at the printed picture to make them in the right position.

Step 22

Take white paste and make balls. Adjust it to the sockets.

Step 23

Use blue Saracino dust diluted in vodka to paint the iris.

Step 24

Use black Saracino dust diluted in vodka to paint the pupil and eyelashes.

Step 25

Roll a small amount of black paste to form thin lashes and stick it to the eyelid. Cut off the excess.

Step 26

The same way make the brows from the tiffany paste.

Step 27

Take a small ball of the paste and make a small nose. Use fuchsia paste to make lips. Seperate the upper and bottom lips.

Step 28

Use dresden tool to shape open lips.

Step 29

Create definition on the lips using a Dresden tool.

Step 30

Use pink Saracino dust colour to make blush.

Step 31

Add some shine and life to the eyes by painting several white dots.

Step 32

Attach the head to the body. Insert a small skewer ready for fixing the other arm.

Step 33

Stick arm on the skewer and attach it to the body.

Step 34

Take tiffany paste and flatten it to pancake shape. Attach it to the head.

Step 35

Using a Dresden tool create a hair look to the paste.

Step 36

Take another part of the tiffany paste and make cone shape. Check if the amount of the paste is correct.

Step 37

Flatten the paste by the palm of your hand.

Step 38

Using the knife tool draw lines imitating hairs.

Step 39

Model hairs and glue it to the head.

Step 40

Give a little shine to the skirt and hair of your mermaid using lustre powder.

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