Skill level: BEGINNERS


By using different dust colours, you can create different colour cosmos blossoms. Let the nature be your inspiration.

You will need:
  • Saracino flower paste – Pasta Bouquet – 50g
  • Florist wires white (24 and 30)
  • Florist tape – green
  • White cotton thread
  • Saracino colour gel  – green, pink
  • Saracino colour dusts – yellow, pink, red, violet, white, green
  • Saracino edible glue
  • Semolina
  • Cornflour for dusting
  • Balling tool
  • Non-stick rolling pin
  • Cel Board
  • Foam Pad
  • Cosmos cutter & veiner
  • Paint brushes (Flat for dusting)
  • Wire cutter
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen roll

Step 1

To make the centre of the flower, wrap cotton thread around your two fingers about 20-30 times, until you have a thick loop.

Step 2

Fold the cotton loop into a figure eight.

Step 3

Fold the figure eight loop again, to form a thick coil and feed through a half length 24 gauge wire. Fold the wire and twist the two ends at the base tight together to secure the thread.

Step 4

Secure the cotton loop with half length green florist tape and cover the wire.

Step 5

Cut into the loop with scissors and shorten the ends of the cotton if it is too long, to form a shape of a short tassel.

Step 6

Mix together small amount of red and purple Saracino dust colours and dust the threads.

Step 7

Colour a small amount of semolina with yellow Saracino dust colour to make a pollen like mixture.

Step 8

With a paint brush dab gently the ends of your coloured thread tassel with edible glue.

Step 9

Dip the ends of it into the yellow semolina. This will resemble a flower pollen.

Step 10

Add a bit of pink gel colour to a small amount of Saracino flower paste and mix well to achieve a smooth pale pink coloured paste.

Step 11

Roll the paste thinly over the grove on the grove board.  Cut out a petal with the cosmos cutter and insert the 30 gauge florist wire into the ridge.  Dust the veiner with small amount of cornflour and press the veiner firmly to form a veining pattern.

Step 12

Move the petal onto a foam pad and thin the edges of the petal with a balling tool.  Pinch gently the bottom of the petal to secure the paste on the wire and to give it more movement and shape.  Make eight petals and leave them to dry on a sponge.

Step 13

Mix together little bit of white, violet and red Saracino dust colours and dust the petals, at the base you should make the colour a bit darker.  Dust gently the reverse of the petals as well.

Step 14

Wrap florist tape around the base of the flower centre.

Step 15

Bend the wire of each petal and attach it at the base of the flower centre with florist tape.

Step 16

Make sure you attach the petals tightly to the base of the flower centre.

Step 17

There is no correct way in which to arrange the cosmos petals.

Step 18

Assemble the flower as you see it. Different blossoms can be arranged in a different way.

Step 19

Colour a small amount of flower paste with green gel colour.

Step 20

Roll out the green paste and using a star shaped cutter cut out a calyx.

Step 21

With the ball tool roll over the calyx and thin the ends of it.

Step 22

Dampen gently the centre of the calyx with water.

Step 23

Push the calyx up the wire towards the flower head.

Step 24

Attach the calyx to the base of the cosmos flower.

Step 25

Use green dust colour and dust the calyx gently.

Step 26

Your flower is ready to go on your cake