Skill level: BEGINNERS


You may find the flower paste a bit sticky. Use corn flour to prevent this.

You will need:

  • Pasta Bouquet Saracino
  • Powder colours red, orange, yellow and green
  • Gauge wires 20, 26, 28
  • Grooved board
  • Small ball tool
  • Nonstick roller
  • Dahlia cuters and veiners 5cm and 4cm
  • Universal leaf cutter and veiner
  • Flower center veiner
  • Small daisy cutter
  • Green floral tape
  • Foam drying pad

Step 1

Add a bit of yellow powder colour to the paste and mix well.

Step 2

Roll out the paste over the groove on the board. Cut out the petals and squeeze them on the 5cm veiner. Put in the 28 gauge wire. We need ten of them, then they need to dry on the spoons. Put leftover paste in a plastic bag to prevent drying out.

Step 3

You can put the wire in the petals much easier if you do it on the board or alternatively you can do it on your hand. .


Step 4

Insert the wire half way into the petal.

Step 5

Remember to dry petals with their upper half facing up.

Step 6

Alternatively you can make white petals and dust them with powder afterwards.

Step 7

Use your fingers to squeeze the top of the petal.

Step 8

Cut ten 4cm petals and squeeze them on the veiner. Put in the 28 gauge wire. Dry them on the foam mat.

Step 9

Twist five of the smaller petals at the bottom

Step 10

Do a small loop at the end of the 20 gauge wire and insert into a small ball of paste that has been shaped in flower center former.

TIP: Dip the wire into the glue OR heat it before inserting.

Step 11

Add a bit of green powder colour to a fresh piece of paste.

Step 12

Cut out the leaves and squeeze them on the veiner. Insert the 26 gauge wire. Dry them on the foam board.

Step 13

Mix the colours to add more shades to dust the leaves.

Step 14

Dust the bigger petals with powder. Start from colouring them yellow, make the edges orange and then colour the tip red.

Step 15

Paint smaller petals the same as bigger ones, except add a bit more of red on the edges.

Step 16

Dust flower center green. You can put all petals in one place to make assembling easier.

Step 17

Wrap the flower center wire with green floral tape. You need to strech the tape for it to start adhering.

Step 18

Start adding small twisted petals below the flower center.

Step 19

Put them as close to the green center as possible.

Step 20

Add the remainder of the small petals below the twisted ones.

Step 21

Add all the big petals, they too need to be placed as high as possible.

TIP: Keep your florist tape as tight as possible.

Step 22

Arrange all petals evenly.

Step 23

Cut out small daisy using the green coloured paste. This is to form the calyx. Shape it with the small ball tool. Glue it with water to the bottom of the flower.

Step 24

Wrap the leaf wires with green tape, about 2 cm down the wire.

Step 25

Attach first leaf to the flower stem.

Step 26

Add the rest of the leaves.

Step 27

Finished dahlia made with Pasta Bouquet Saracino.

Step 28

Saracino Paste can be rolled out very thin, to the point that you can read through it. That feature is very helpful, especially when creating delicate roses.