Author: Carla Puig

Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:

  • Saracino White Modelling Chocolate
  • Saracino Skin Tone Food Colour
  • Dresden Cerart 301 Tool

Step 1

We only need Saracino Modelling chocolate and a dresden tool

Step 2

Colour a small piece of chocolate with flesh tone and do a ball

Step 3

Give ‘drop shape’ to the ball

Step 4

Flatten the ball

Step 5

Using an ear picture as a reference, lightly draw the shape in our ‘flattened drop’

Step 6

Remove all the chocolate showed in the ‘green zone’

Step 7

Smooth the edges with the back of the tool

Step 8

Remove a little bit of the chocolate in the ‘red zone’

Step 9

Smooth the edges with the tool

Step 10

Once all the edges are smooth, stick it to the face and blend the ‘blue zone’ with the cheek following the position showed in the image.