Obviously the three characteristics (economic, good quality and elastic) do not always get along with each other. An economic sugar paste will not always be good quality or elastic, an elastic paste may not be good quality or economic, a good quality paste is likely to be not very elastic and rather expensive …

How then do you choose a sugar paste and find the right product for the customer? The choice is obviously dictated by the sugar paste producer and the piece you want to create

Saracino TOP Paste is :

ECONOMIC – As it is so strong and pliable you will need half the quantity of similar paste made by competitors.

Saracino paste can in fact be rolled is thin as 1 mm thick, whilst remaining elastic and pliable.

This is the result of a long product design and production experience and the result of the designer’s finding the correct blend and type of ingredients. It is also easy to work and roll, it does not break or tear and fits perfectly onto the cake, saving you and your employee’s time.

And let’s face it time is money!

GOOD –  Saracino TOP paste is definitely a special sugar paste!

Have you ever stopped and taken time to read the ingredients of the numerous sugar pastes on the market? Many include vegetable fats, such as palm oil, palmisto, rapeseed oil or hydrogenated fats. Some even have unidentified oils.

For our TOP paste we decided to use COCOA BUTTER and sunflower oil.


Cocoa butter is one of the most expensive vegetable fats, but it is highly valuable in the production of our paste. This is due to a number of reasons –

  1. It is highly concentrated
  2. It performs well at high temperatures and humidity
  3. It has an unmistakable scent and taste
  4. It improves the pastes resistance to moisture. This is ideal as you can place the cake in the freezer / fridge without moisture problems that would usually cause the sugar paste to melt.

So why don’t most other manufacturers use it in their cover pastes? Quite simply it is expensive and many companies tend to focus on price!

Of course, sugar also plays its part and Saracino have made a very important choice.

Only top quality sugar of Italian origin is used, it is finely refined and undergoes a double grinding process. This gives the benefit of obtaining a none-grainy, silky paste.

ELASTIC – because it has the right balance between the liquids (water, sugar syrups and fats) and the solids (sugars and starches) and then a “binder” that keeps these ingredients together.

These binders are called thickeners and there are many: gum tragacanth, guar, xanthan, sodium arginate, carrageenan, carboxymethylcellulose etc. Each of these elements produce a different result and give differing elasticity and consistency.

There are thickeners that perform better at high temperatures, others that act only at low temperatures, others that have different performances based on the ingredients used …

How to choose the right thickener? Here comes the price factor.

Try to buy 100 grams of carbissimetilcellulose and then compare the price with the gum tragacanth … Noticed something? Probably the fact that, for the same weight, you have to pay 6 times more to purchase the latter.

It is easy to understand how important it is to choose the thickener on the final cost of the product!

We wanted to give you an elastic and resistant sugar paste with high quality natural thickeners, such as gum tragacanth.

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