Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:


Saracino Modelling Paste

  • 100 gram white
  • 70 gram red
  • 40 gram Yellow/orange mix (10 gram yellow – 30 gram orange (1:3)  (burned yellow)
  • 25 gram brown
  • Saracino Modeling Chocolate 70 gram
  • 4 skewers
  • 1x 4cm styro ball
  • 1x 3cm styro ball
  • 1x 20cm dummy
  1. This can be a round 20cm cake. For this tutorial we used a styrofoam dummy to make a display version of Perry the Pelican
  2. 25 gram brown Saracino model paste. Mix it well and make a ball
  3. Shape it into a small cylinder shape about 4cm high.
  4. Centre the cylinder shape onto the dummy and use a tool to make some texture to make it appear like wood. You can use scissors to cut small gaps in the border
  5. Use 2 skewers (one is displayed) and 1 gram (per skewer) yellow/orange Saracino model paste. Mix it well and stick it on the skewer. Roll the skewer on your table until the paste sticks on the stick.
  6. Stick both skewers next to each other into the cylinder shape (one is displayed). Make sure your skewer stick all the way true so it connects into the dummy firm enough.
  1. 2x 6 gram pieces of yellow/orange Saracino model paste
  2. Make a cone shape and press the middle a little flat. Keep the thick side fat
  3. Use a spatula to make 2 incisions for the toes.
  4. Cut into the heel
  5. Mount the parts around the skewers
  6. Remove the joints with a silicone tool
  1. Use a 4cm Styrofoam ball and 30 gram of white Saracino model paste. Put the ball inside the paste
  2. Make a tail shape with your hands (looks a bit like a fishtail)
  3. Shorten the skewers with a plier until you have about 8cm sticking out. Make an imprint with the ball and pre drill 2 holes into the Styrofoam ball
  4. Mount the ball onto the skewers by pressing them at least 2 cm over the skewers
  5. 2 pieces of 6 gram white for the wings. Make 2 cones and press them flat (not too thin). Make a tear shape and cut some lines with a scissor.
  6. Mount them in position
  7. Make some texture on the wings
  8. Model them in position the way you like it
  1. Insert a skewer in the neck base and short it down to 10cm
  2. Use a 3cm Styrofoam ball and 30 gram white Saracino model paste
  3. Mount the ball onto the skewer. Don’t forget to pre drill the hole before mounting.
  4. 10 gram Yellow/orange Saracino model paste.
  5. Make a sausage and roll it smaller in the middle by hand. (approx. 6cm tall)
  6. Try to create the base shape with your fingers only. Don’t forget to wipe your fingerprints off. (even I forget sometimes) (it should appear around 7-8cm tall)
  7. Insert a skewer in the head to position the beak
  8. Predrill a hole into the beak. Make sure you make a flat spot so you can connect it onto the head.
  9. Position the beak
  10. 6 gram yellow/orange Saracino model paste. Make a tall cone about 4cm
  11. Position it for the lower jaw and model the shape until it fits.
  1. 2x 2 gram white Saracino model paste. Make 2 balls and position them for the eyeballs
  2. Add a small piece for the lower eyelid
  3. Blend the lower joint onto the head with a silicone tool.
  4. Try to be creative with the eyelids and play a little with them so you get the right character.
  5. 2 gram white on top on the head. Make it look like an extension of the head. Remove the joints with a silicone sharper.
  6. Position the black spots for the eyes.
  1. 4 pieces of 25 gram Saracino modeling chocolate (mixed with Saracino red model paste). Make tall cone shaped pieces 8cm tall.
  2. Add the sucking naps
  3. Position them around the centerpiece
  4. 35 gram Saracino modeling chocolate mix red
  5. Make this shape
  6. Use a ball tool to make the eye sockets.
  7. Insert 2 small pieces of white paste
  8. Add the black spots in position
  9. Add 2 eyelids so he looks annoyed.
  1. Make the Squid look upwards to Perry
  2. Marble a piece of white with blue model paste.
  3. Make small sausages and lay them around the Squid parts
  4. Use a precision tool to blend it around the squid
  5. Make detailed lines to make it look splashing
  6. This picture shows one tentacle is moved for a nicer composition. So be creative and make your own version of Perry.