Powder Food Colouring


A high quality colouring dust. It can be used with all types of medium. It is a high concentration edible pigment.

  • Add the powder directly into the product requiring colour, Sugarpaste, Modelling Paste, Flowerpaste, Buttercream, Royal Icing, Ganache
  • Use the powder to dust directly onto sugar work with a dusting brush
  • Mix with cocoa butter, rejuvenator or alcohol to produce a paint to add to your cake fine details
  • Maximum dosage: as much as is sufficient





Orange: E110
Azure: E171, E133, E120
White: E171
Blue: E133
Night blue: E133, E120
Light yellow: E104
Yellow: E102
Brown: E102, E122, E133
Black: carbone vegetale
Pink: E171, E120, E172
Light pink: E129
Dark red: E124
Turquoise: E133, E102
Grass green: E172, E133
Green: E102, E133
Dark green: E101, E133, E172
Violet: E122, E133

STORAGE PRECAUTIONS: Keep tightly closed in a cool and dry place.

ALLERGENS: May contain traces of soybeans, milk and nuts (pistachios and hazelnuts), sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentrations of more than 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/litre

CAUTIONS – Allowed to be used only for food production purposes. Colours may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children

MAXIMUM DOSAGE – see references below:

Orange: 0,04 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Azure: 3,60 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
White: quantum satis (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Blue: 0,50 g/kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Night blue: 0,50 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Light yellow: 0,05 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Yellow: 0,50 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Brown: 0,50 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Black: quantum satis (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Pink: 4,07 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Red: 0,50 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Dark red: 0,06 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Turquoise: 0,50 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Grass green: 1,46 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Green: 0,5 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Dark green: 1,30 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)
Violet: 0,50 g/Kg (cat. 5.4 Reg. 1129/2011)


                   di cui acidi grassi sautri0,02g
                   di cui zuccheri0,02g
Cont. Al21,36g


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