We are delighted to announce our new project where as a team we help others


Since S.A.F.E. announced the raffle ticket draw that will take place at the November 2019 Cake International show in Birmingham, we have received lots of queries from various cake makers. You were asking us how you could help, how you could get involved with our fundraising, if Hope House is the only place we will be supporting and if we will be helping in any other ways?

We took all your queries and comments into consideration and decided to start something completely exclusive for all the UK Cake Makers who are happy to be a part of this great cause and keep helping others. This has resulted with us starting something DIFFERENT which gives you the opportunity to be a part of SOMETHING BIG.


There is so much truth in this saying. All of us cake makers and artists from the UK make cakes every week, what if we said that for a small regular donation we can all help someone that YOU WILL NOMINATE? YES you get to choose who we give the money to.

Yes, you will be able to nominate and help choose the charity, organisation, school or any worthwhile cause you wish to help? We can hear you ask…… HOW?

Here at S.A.F.E. we have decided to give everyone the chance to be part of our team. We are calling this team initiative ‘S.A.F.E. TOGETHER’

What do you have to do to join the team?

All you have to do is donate £1 a week. Is this a lot? No, its not even a small coffee from your favourite coffee shop. But it is a small amount that will HELP.

How will this small amount help?

Because we believe that the cake community is a generous world we are hoping to find more generous people like you who are more than happy to donate £1 per week to make others smile.

How do you get to choose who the money goes to?

Simple, when setting up your donation you provide us with the name of the cause you would like to support. The system will automatically choose the cause the money raised goes to.

We are currently planning on making the draw every two weeks. Our aim is to reach over 400+ people in the team and when this is achieved we will make the draw a weekly event. That is £400+ to a chosen cause each week.

With this small donation from each of you we can do something amazing as a team together. When you submit your interest we will request that a Direct Debit is set up. This is currently only for the cake makers from the UK.

Do you think you can afford £1 per week? It’s not a massive amount but all taken together as a team will make a difference to the amount raised for each draw.

As from now through the whole of August we would like to receive all your applications expressing your interest in becoming a part of our team. From the 1st September 2019 we will start collecting funds and draw the first lucky cause on the 16th of September 2019.

You will also be invited to our exclusive ‘S.A.F.E. TOGETHER’ Facebook group where we will keep you all posted with our plans and activities. You will also receive a badge that you can wear with pride to show that you are in the ‘S.A.F.E. TOGETHER’ fundraising team.

But this is not everything!

Each time we make a draw and announce the name of the cause the money goes to, we will also announce a lucky winner from the donating team. YES!!! For those who are in our team we will have a regular small Saracino gift too. The lucky winner and your cake page will also be shared on our Social Media so great coverage for you.

So tell us…are you in? Are you ready to help us help others? Remember the bigger the team we create the more money we will raise for the worthwhile causes. Our aim is to make the team as large as possible so if you are interested tell your friends, tell friends of friends!

How To JOIN?

Please mail us on with your name, facebook page and the name of the cause you would like to support. We will then invite you to our secret Facebook group where you will be kept updated with the latest.

We are also very honoured to announce that this initiative is backed up by the Cake International Show who believe in this project as much as we do and they have agreed to become our Official Social Media Partner.

We are counting on you! 


Sylwia Anna Price – Saracino SRL

Melanie Underwood – Cake International 

Wayne Price – Melys Cake Design

Jill Saunders

Xenia Robeson – Xenia’s cake creations

Calli Hopper – Calli Creations

Shereen Van Ballegooyen – Shereen’s cakes and bakes

Aurelia Czarnecka – Aurelia’s Cake

Zaneta Wasilewska – Cakes by Jeanette – Zaneta Wasilewska cake designer

Rachel Wyatt-Brown – The Old Piping Bag

Carol Smith – Cakes by Carol

Melanie Williamson – The Custom Cakery

Trudy Smith – The Chain Lane Cake Co

Nichola Gunn – The Elite Cake Company

Urszula Maczka – Sugar Atelier

Wioletta Adamska – My Sweet Miracles

Tammy Anne Marie Delph – Tammy’s Happy Tiers

Zlatina Lewis – ZL Cake Boutique

Shell Robinson – Spotty Cake Tin

Dorota Koczorowska – Peterborough – Domowe Wypieki Torty Na Roznego RodZaju Okazje

Beata Goraca –

Zee Chik – Zee Chik Designs

Nina Evans Williams – Ninas Cake Cabin

David Brice – CakeFlix

Lynsey Wilton-Eddleston – Sugarwhizz

Michelle Pattinson – VS Cakes











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