Author: Domy Dobek 

Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:

  • Black,Orange,Green,White,Yellow, Skin Tone Modelling Paste
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Plastic Craft Knife
  • 16 Gauge Florist Wire
  • Large Ball Tool
  • Small Ball Tool
  • Small Circle Cutters
  • Scalpel or Metal Craft Knife
  • Dusting Brush
  • Brush For Water
  • Baby Wipes

Step 1

Roll a sausage shape out of the orange modelling paste and with your fingers shape the end to form a neck

Step 2

For the legs cut the bottom end centrally with a sharp knife as shown

Step 3

Your body should look like this. Now smooth the sharp cut edges with your fingers to model the shorts

Step 4

For the cheque pattern use your plastic knife and press long vertical lines

Step 5

Now using the same tool make similar lines in the opposite direction

Step 6

Cut two small lengths of your 16g flower wire. Insert one into each leg.

Step 7

For the feet roll 2 small balls of black modelling paste.

Step 8

Using finger pressure form them to feet shape

Step 9

Attach them with some water to the bottom part of the legs

Step 10

Roll 2 cylinder shapes from your green modelling paste

Step 11

Squeeze them gently on both sides with your fingers

Step 12

Attach the arms onto the shoulders. Use a little water as a glue if required.

Step 13

Create some creases on the sleeves with a plastic knife

Step 14

For the head make a large ball out of black modelling paste

Step 15

Using your fingers roll one end narrower to shape the ball into a teardrop.

Step 16

With your large ball tool press the two eye sockets.

Step 17

Roll out two small balls of your white paste. Place a ball into each eye socket and press down with your ball tool to create a circular white area of the eye.

Step 18

Roll out thinly some of your green and black paste. Use small and medium circle cutters to cut out the circles needed for the iris and the pupil. Using a small amount of water fix the circles to create the eyes.

Step 19

Using your scalpel make 2 cuts on the top of the head to create hair.

Step 20

For the mouth attach a small round heart shape using the skin tone modelling paste

Step 21

Make one small vertical line on the top of the heart shape and one curved in the centre to form a smile

Step 22

Roll a small amount of the black paste very thinly. Place into the lines you have made.

Step 23

Use a sharp modelling tool to blend the black to form the mouth. Add 2 tiny white dots to each eye

Step 24

For the ears roll two small balls of black paste. Roll each end of them both gently with your fingers into a pointed shape.

Step 25

Use finger pressure to flatten them.

Step 26

Cut a small piece off the end of each ear to form a flat end. Now to create the detail on the ears. Using your white paste roll two long and two small threads and attach them on the ears in the pattern shown. Finger pressure should make them stick to the ear but if required use a tiny amount of water.

Step 27

Now for the hands roll two small balls from your black paste. Use finger pressure and roll them into teardrop shape.

Step 28

Flatten them with your finger and cut out a small triangle on the side for each thumb.  

Step 29

Using your modelling tool form fingers into the end of each hand.

Step 30

Attach the hands to each arm. Use a little water if required.

Step 31

Using a soft brush and you brown powder colour dust the lines of the trousers.

Step 32

Use your baby wipe clean the excess powder.

Step 33

Now for the button. Roll a small ball out of the yellow paste. Flatten it in the centre with a large ball tool.

Step 34

With your small ball tool make 4 little indents to create the button look.

Step 35

Roll your black paste very thinly for the cotton thread. Cut each to length required and insert into the indents made into the button to create the sewing effect.

Step 36

Attach your button to the body using a small amount of water if required.