CMC Powder Carboximethylcellulose

Add to sugarpaste to assist hardening of modelled pieces.


An alternative to Gum Tragacanth, CMC powder can be used to strengthen icing / sugarpaste, make modelling paste and edible glue.

Ingredients:  Carboxymethylcellulose (E466), rice starch

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts,soy, milk and eggs.

Storage precautions: Product has to be stored in a cool and dry place, shielded from direct light

Average nutritional values for 100 grams

Energetic Value 179 Kcal 719,25 kj

Proteins 0,025 gram

Carbohydrates 4,3 gram

Fats 0,025 gram of which saturated fats 0,0075 gram

Fiber 80,77 grams

Sodium <10 grams


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100g – SKU: DEC035K01


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