PASTA BOUQUET – sugar paste designed for making flowers




Saracino Pasta Bouquet is a ready-to-use product. It must be spread very thinly with the help of a rolling pin to make very realistic flowers. Our Pasta Bouquet is extremely elastic and does not crack, adapting perfectly to flower molds while retaining all the veins. This is also given by an initial stiffening of the paste while the flowers are forming but does not dry out immediately, offering time to correct any imperfections or mistakes.  It has a light vanilla aroma and taste and can be easily colored using gel or powder food colorants.


  1. IS IT A NEW VERSION OF SARACINO MODEL PASTE? No it isn’t. it is a brand new product for creating flowers
  2. WHAT IS ITS MAIN USE? It was created specifically for the production of flowers and other decorative elements that require great subtlety
  3. IS IT GLUTEN FREE? Yes it is just like all Saracino products.
  4. DOES IT DRY QUICKLY? It dries less quickly than our Model Paste and this characteristic allows the composition of the flowers when the individual elements are not yet completely dry.
  5. DOES IT HARDEN? Yes it does. Once stiffened, the flowers remain resistant and compact. In the original packaging, the product is slightly soft.
  6. HOW CAN I START WORKING WITH PASTA BOUQUET? You just need to spread it with the help of a small rolling pin.
  7. CAN I MODIFY THE MODEL AFTER A FEW DAYS? No you cannot. Once the flowers dry, they can no longer be modified.
  8. IS IT EASY TO MODEL? Modeling is very simple and just as easy is the positioning of the product in the molds to obtain petals and leaves.
  9. HOW CAN I MODEL SARACINO BOUQUET PASTE? You can easily work it with your hands and spread it with a rolling pin up to thicknesses less than a millimeter.
  10. DO I NEED TO TAKE SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS BEFORE USING IT? We recommend washing your hands and drying them perfectly. If necessary, we recommend passing a little starch or starch on the hands and on the table to prevent the paste from sticking.
  11. DOES SARACINO PASTA BOUQUET COME IN DIFFERENT COLORS? At present, it is only available in white color but we are planning to expand our color range as soon as possible.
  12. IN WHAT TYPE OF PACKAGE IS IT AVAILABLE? Currently it is available in 1 kg buckets and in 250 packages.
  13. IS PASTA BOUQUET EDIBLE? IF SO, WHAT IS ITS TASTE? Yes it is and it has a light vanilla aroma and taste.
  14. HOW CAN I STORE THE PRODUCT AFTER OPENING THE PACKAGE? It should be kept in its original packaging with the lid closed. For the 250 g paste, you should put the dough in a food film and close it tightly, avoiding contact with the air.
  15. WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM WORKING TEMPERATURE? We recommend you not using it with temperatures above 30 °