PASTA TOP – sugar paste designed for cake covering 




Saracino TOP Paste (known as Pasta Top) is a ready-made fondant created by Saracino for cake coverage. It is suitable for vegan’s and does not contain gluten, hydrogenated fats or palm oil.

Pasta TOP guarantees maximum elasticity at temperatures between 25-28°.

We recommend working the paste before using it for at least two minutes in order to make it elastic and resistant. If this is not enough, we recommend heating it briefly in a microwave oven (700 WATT) for max 10 seconds.

In this way, the cocoa butter inside will melt and make the dough soft and easy to work. One of its main ingredients is tragacanth, a natural product that makes our Pasta TOP extremely elastic and easy to roll with a rolling pin or with a sheeter up to 1 mm thick. In this way, it will be perfect to cover cakes guaranteeing a great aesthetic effect.

It is suitable for hot and humid climates, it also easily withstands temperatures above 35° and high humidity levels guaranteeing perfect stability on the cake.

It easily supports temperature changes without exuding humidity or cracking.

Pasta TOP can also be used for decoration on cold desserts (refrigeration does not affect our fondant) and it can be colored with powdered, gel or airbrush food colorants.

The delicate vanilla aroma is not invasive and it perfectly merges with the flavor of your cake.

Our white Pasta TOP is available either in 5kg buckets or 1kg tubs and our colored Pasta TOP is available in practical 500g packages in the following colours: orange, blue, light blue, baby blue, fuchsia, yellow, lilac, black, pink, red, tiffany, light green, green.


  1. WHAT CAN I FILL THE CAKE WITH? We suggest a light butter cream or a white chocolate ganache to avoid transparency on the covering paste. Remember that cake fillings with high water content (such as whipped cream) risk dissolving the sugar paste.
  2. HOW CAN I MAKE THE PASTA TOP ADHERE TO THE DUMMIES? Just use Saracino Cake Gel, our edible glue, or sprinkle some water on the dummies.
  3. WHAT IS THE IDEAL THICKNESS FOR THE PASTA TOP? We suggest rolling it to a thickness between 1mm to 3mm (max). We recommend keeping to these limits so that the paste does not become invasive (if too thick) nor breaks (if too thin)
  4. WHAT CAN I DO WITH VERY HIGH CAKES? Thanks to its elasticity, our Pasta TOP allows you to cover very high cakes without breaking.
  5. CAN I USE SARACINO PASTA TOP FOR MODELLING? We recommend using Saracino Modelling Paste for modelling. As an alternative, it is possible to add 5% of CMC to the Pasta TOP to make it firmer and more resistant.
  6. DOES SARACINO PASTA TOP COME IN DIFFERENT COLOURS? Yes, it does. Our Pasta TOP is available in 14 colours: Light blue – baby blue – yellow – orange – red – pink – green – light green – purple – tiffany – black – fuchsia – white.
  7. CAN I PAINT THE PASTA TOP? Of course, you can use clear alcohol or oil mixed dyes that provided quick drying but need a precise design. You can also use water-mixed dyes which need longer drying times but create pleasant shades. Finally, it is possible to use the airbrush technique.
  8. CAN I USE SARACINO PASTA TOP TO COVER CAKES TO BE STORED IN THE REFRIGERATOR? Yes, with the only warning of carefully evaluating the type of cake and filling for the cake. Our Pasta TOP is not affected by the thermal shock between the temperature of inside the fridge and outside.
  9. IF I MAKE A MISTAKE WHILE COVERING A CAKE, CAN I MEND IT? Yes, one of the main ingredients of our Pasta TOP is cocoa butter, which makes our paste extremely elastic. So, if you make a mistake while covering your cake, you just need to add a small amount of Pasta TOP and gently smooth it with your hand or with the smoother. You won’t notice any imperfections or joints once blended.
  10. DOES IT DRY FAST? No, our Pasta TOP remains soft and perfect to cut even a few hours after use.