Author: Domy Dobek 

Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:

  • 10cm polystyrene egg
  • Dresden Tool
  • Small rolling pin
  • Sharp knife
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cool boiled water / edible glue
  • Food safe skewer / flower wire
  • Circle cutter
  • Large cone tool
  • Small rubber brush tool
  • Face mould
  • Saracino modelling paste white
  • Saracino modelling paste skin tone
  • Saracino modelling paste bronze
  • Saracino modelling paste Tiffany
  • Saracino modelling paste black
  • Pink powder colour
  • Red powder colour
  • Gold powder colour

Step 1

Prepare the 10cm polystyrene egg and the tiffany colour Saracino modelling paste

Step 2

Roll out the Tiffany modelling paste to a thickness as shown

Step 3

Cover the egg with the paste. A small amount of water can be used to stick the paste to the egg.

Step 4

Cut the excess paste from around the bottom using the scissors

Step 5

With a plastic knife or Dresden modelling tool create some lines for folds on the dress

Step 6

With a large cone tool enlarge the creases and smooth them out to give more natural look

Step 7

Mix some brown Saracino modelling paste with skin tone paste to get a darker shade for the skin tone.
Roll out two cylinder shapes the same size using white paste for the dress and darker skin tone for the top of the body

Step 8

Using the large circular cutter cut the top off the cylinder shape to form the torso

Step 9

Using your fingers form a neck on the top of the skin coloured cylinder.

Step 10

Using the large circular cutter cut the ‘shoulders’ away from the skin coloured cylinder.

Step 11

Stick the shoulders to the torso. Then stick the upper body to the skirt. Using a rubber brush and cone tool make details.

Step 12

Using the rubber brush tool form the shape of the chest area

Step 13

Using the end of your modelling tool shape detail to the throat area

Step 14

Using your modelling tool form further detail to the neck area

Step 15

Using the skin toned Saracino paste form a head / face using a face mould.

Step 16

Attach the head to the neck. Insert a wooden skewer into the body.

Step 17

Take white modelling paste and roll two balls for the sleeves.

Step 18

Form the two balls into cone shapes as shown.

Step 19

Fix the sleeves to the shoulders. Using a modelling tool or plastic knife form creases around each sleeve.

Step 20

Using a modelling tool or plastic knife form a line around the top of the dress.

Step 21

Using skin tone Saracino paste roll a sausage shape for the arms and hands. Cut the sausage in half as shown to give two arms.

Step 22

Using your finger flatten the pointed end to form a hand.

Step 23

Using a blade or sharp knife cut the thumb.

Step 24

Using finger pressure roll to form the narrower wrist

Step 25

Fix the two arms into the sleeves.

Step 26

Roll out a piece of white paste and using a sharp knife cut out a crown.

Step 27

Using a little water on the edge form the circular crown shape. 

Step 28

Roll out some black paste very thinly and fix to the face for eyebrows and eye lashes.

Step 29

Mix red powder colour with clear alcohol and paint the lips with a small paintbrush

Step 30

Roll out black paste to form the hair

Step 31

Fix the hair to the head using a small amount of water if required. Fix the crown to the top of the head.

Step 32

Using Saracino gold powder mixed with clear alcohol paint the crown gold using a small paintbrush. Using a soft brush and pink dust give colour to the cheeks.

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