Skill level: BEGINNERS

You will need:

  • 2 round 6” cakes
  • 800 g chocolate ganache
  • 100 g Saracino Modelling Chocolate
  • 2 kg of Saracino White Pasta Top
  • 30 g Saracino Black Modelling Paste
  • 50 g Saracino Red Modeling Paste
  • Saracino Gel colours : brown, blue. yellow, pink, skin tone
  • Saracino Dust Colour : brown, black, silver
  • Edible glue
  • Airbrush colour : blue
  • Kitchen knife
  • Craft knife
  • Cerart ball tool
  • Cerart dresden tool
  • Cerart silicon tool
  • Paint brushes
  • Smoother
  • Rolling pin
  • 10 inch square cake drum
  • 6, 4 inches cake boards
  • Corn flour


Cover the cake drum in white Pasta Top, smooth the surface, trim the excess, airbrush the edges with blue colour and set aside to dry.

Step 1

Trim the crust from the cakes, cut into layers and sandwich back together with chocolate ganache. Trim around the top of cake to narrow it slightly.

Step 2

Insert a bubble tea straw and cut the excess.

Step 3

Place 4 inch card on the top of cake.

Step 4

Mix the cake crumbs with ganache and form a round top

Step 5

Spread a layer of ganache over the whole cake

Step 6

Out of modelling chocolate form a ball and roll out into an oval shape

Step 7

Attach to the face using water. Mark two holes for the eyes.

Step 8

Mix 800 g of white Pasta Top with skin tone gel colour. Roll out and cover the cake completely. Smooth with a cake smoother.

Step 9

Mix 150 g Pasta Top with brown colour gel, roll out into a circle and attach with an edible glue to the face.

Step 10

Using a ball tool gently mark out the nose.

Step 11

Draw a line down the centre of the muzzle with a Dresden tool

Step 12

Roll out a small piece of black modelling paste, cut out the shape of mouth using a round cutter and stick inside of mouth.

Step 13

Roll some white sugar paste into the thin sausage shape and flatten. Apply a small amount of glue and stick inside the mouth.

Step 14

Using a craft knife mark lines to create the teeth.

Step 15

Roll small amount of white sugar paste into the sausage shape, cut into half to make fangs.

Step 16

Roll a small piece of black modelling paste into a tear drop shape and stick it to the muzzle to form the nose. Open up the nostrils with a silicone tool.

Step 17

Using a brown powder, dust the eye sockets area

Step 18

Roll two balls, one slightly bigger. They must to fit into eye socket.

Step 19

Mix a bit of brown dust with an alcohol and paint the irises and pupils. Stick them in the eye indentations

Step 20

To create the ears roll out some brown sugar paste and cut out two triangles, repeat the step using a skin tone colour paste and smaller triangle cutter. Attach them to either side of the head.

Step 21

Mix some white sugar paste with pink colour gel for the tongue. Roll the paste into an oval, cut in half a mark line down the middle

Step 22

Stick it into the bottom of the mouth and fold down

Step 23

Roll skin tone coloured sugar paste into a sausage shape and split it in half. Flatten one end and bend the leg gently.

Step 24

Repeat for the second leg, then stick them to the front of the body. Mark 3 lines down each paw with the knife

Step 25

Place the cake on the cake drum. Roll a ball of skin toned paste, press and roll with your little finger. Narrow towards one end.

Step 26

Flatten top part of the leg and bend as shown on pictures. Repeat for the second leg and stick them to the body

Step 27

Colour white pasta top with a blue colour gel. Roll out to 2 mm thick. Cut a long strip. Use stitching tool to make the stitches and place the collar around the dog neck. To make a tail roll a skin tone sugar paste into thin sausage, shape curl from one side and stick the tail on

Step 28

To create the cake roll out of 50 g brown sugar paste to 1 cm thick. Cut out 3 circles. Use the wire brush to make some impression.

Step 29

Roll three white balls, flatten to the size of the cake. Pull the edges of the paste with your fingers. Layer the cake

Step 30

Using a plastic cutter, cut one side of the cake as shown on the picture.

Step 31

Mix some white sugar paste with yellow colour gel ,make a long strand. Cut two equal yellow strips and one white, pinch on both ends

Step 32

Twist to make the candles. Repeat the step for pink and blue candle, cut into 4 cm long

Step 33

Insert a 18 gauge wire and let it dry

Step 34

Place the cake on the board. Curl long white strip of white sugar paste and place on the top of the dog`s head to create a frosting effect.

Step 35

Place the candles

Step 36

Roll small balls of white sugar paste and stick to the sides of mouth, cover with flattened circle of sugar paste to create frosting effect.

Step 37

Add more details like a name tag and happy birthday ribbon