Congratulations to Cristina Sbuelz – SIRC,

who wins our top spot for




Cristina is from Adeje – Tenerife, a beautiful Spanich Island that some of you may have visited for your holidays.

Exclusive for Saracino, Cristina answered few questions. Have a look below!


Q: What cake tool can’t you live without?

A: The Kitchen Aid

Q: Who inspires you?

A: Marta Hidalgo

Q: What’s your favourite Saracino product?

A: The pasta model Skin tone, because is so perfect for modelling human bodies and faces, the texture and the color are simply perfect.

Q: What movie title best describes your life?

A: Alice in Wonderland

Q: What’s your best advice in 5 words or less?

A: Use your intuition, creativity and fantasy freely.




1. Flavour – Chocolate or vanilla? – VANILLA

2. Plan properly or wing it? – PLAN PROPERLY

3. Whilst working – Listen to music or watch tv? – LISTEN TO MUSIC

4. Favourite product – Saracino pasta model or Saracino modelling chocolate? – SARACINO PASTA MODEL

5. Delivery – Down a long bumpy road or during a rain storm? DELIVERY DOWN A LONG BUMPY ROAD

6. Buttercream or ganache? – GANACHE

7. Do you prefer – Baking the cake or decorating the cake? – DECORATING THE CAKE

8. Mould or handmade? – HANDMADE

9. Airbrush or paint by hand? – PAINT BY HAND

10. Apron or chef whites? – APRON

11. Straight edge or round? STRAIGHT EDGE

12. Customer design or free reign? – FREE REIGN

13. Stay up all night to finish or get up early to finish? – STAY UP ALL NIGHT

14. Fruit cake – Yay or Nay – NAY

15. Your own birthday cake – Make it yourself or have the week off? – HAVE A WEEK OFF



Saracino Team 

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