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Beata Maria Khoo

My name is Beata Khoo. I am an award-winning cake baker and designer based in Brighton and Hove, UK. I am proud to say I was self-taught and through sheer hard work and many hours of practice (including some amount of talent!), I am who I am today. I was born in Poland but l currently reside in the United Kingdom, which I had called home since 30 years ago. I started my cake business full-time in 2014. I consider myself a late bloomer, though I remember enjoying baking cakes with my father since I was a young girl.
Before pursuing my career in cake baking and decorating, I worked in the sales and child-care industry. I felt working with children uncovered the talent and creativity I’ve always had within me. I started off making a birthday cake for a joint birthday event between my brother and as they say, the rest is history – I haven’t looked back since.
I am currently living my passion every single day – baking and designing/decorating cakes; teaching modelling in sugar craft, Isomalt; and a wide and diverse range of cake baking and decorating techniques. My speciality is Isomalt designs and I am considered as one of the top Isomalt designers in the UK. I am a Gold Award and multiple award winner in the Cake International competitions since 2013. I was the overall 3rd Place Winner in the Decorative Exhibit category in Cake International Competition 2014 in NEC Birmingham. I had been featured in many cake decorating and design magazines and websites such as Cake Craft and Decoration magazine, Cakes Central magazine, to name a few.
I am also a proud and official Ambassador for Saracino.



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